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Prof. Sanjay Sarma
Chairman of Research
Sanjay is a founder of the Auto-ID Center and member of the faculty at MIT. He sets technology directions, designs the architecture and coordinates the development of standards.
  Kevin Ashton
Executive Director
Kevin is a P&G executive on loan to MIT since 1999. As executive director, he sets strategic direction and leads the Auto-ID Center on behalf of the Board of Overseers.

Dirk Heyman
Chairman, Technology Board
Dirk is Global Head of Life Science and Consumer Product Industries at Sun Microsystems. He oversees the work of technology sponsors in providing feedback on the Auto-ID Center's research.
  Dick Cantwell
Chairman, Board of Overseers
Dick is VP Global Marketing Services at Gilette. He guides the work of end-user sponsors in supporting and shaping the Auto-ID Center's research.