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The COE CyberCrime treaty
The Council of Europe convention against "cyber crime" was instigated by G/7 to accelerate the growth of the EU wide meta network of surveillance. Main target was to create European laws and directives forcing member states to systematically collect and store communications data.
Passenger Name Records - Flugpassagierdaten
Hier finden Sie die meisten Schlüsseldokumente in der immer noch laufenden Affäre um die Übertragung der Datensätze europäischer Flugdaten.
EU Data Retention - doqumentation
All existing data protection laws in member states of the European Unionare subject to change during the years 2007/8. That change is substantial, as a common principle is turned into its opposite.
So called traffic data [who calls whom when where / who uses which IP address when etc.] currently have to be deleted when no longer needed for technical and billing purposes by the network operator. That is the gist of all current data protection laws: storage of communications traffic data without the citizen's consent is explicitly forbidden.
Biometrics doqu/base
The biometrics doq/ubase is a collection of biometrics related documents focusing on the current processes of worldwide biometrics standardization and implementation thereof in machine readable travel documents [MRTDs] e.g. European passports. The quintessential collection is to facilitate and encourage scientific research in this highly invasive technology that originated from the heart of the electronic-military complex and is currently invading civil societies all over the world.
Security as an art consists of two opposing skills, none of which can be mastered without also mastering the other. On one hand, it's the skill of restricting access, so that gaining illicit access is more expensive than the value of having access. On the other hand, it's also the skill of analyzing access restriction mechanisms, so that eventually circumvention of the access restriction is cheaper than the value of having access.
The Digital Milennium Copyright Act is the act to expropriate the legal owners of software and music. After buying stuff you do not own it any more as in former time. You are not allowed to make a copy and even discuss the quality of the product bought in public.
IT and telco surveillance equipment - data sheets and presentations
A collection of network monitoring and datamining suites made by Nokia Siemens, Ericsson, Verint and others. All systems are compliant to ETSI and CALEA "lawful interception" standards, the vendors themselves are involved in the standardization. While the official name of the game is still "lawful interception" the newer suites also perform "high speed government surveillance". From Iran to China they are ab/used to track down the democratic opposition, dissidents, ethnic and religious minorities. The vendors are mostly European and US companies.
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The making of the European Surveillance Union, 1993-2001
A collection of news articles, doquments, links and comments reflecting the construction of the European Surveillance Union. Formerly known as the "EU-FBI surveillance system" or "ENFOPOL" this meta-network of control connects special police units to the datacenters of telecoms and internet providers. Main ingredients are the topics: ENFOPOL, ETSI, CybercRime, monitoring centers, CALEA and - ECHELON. Military surveillance of telco and IT-networks by secret services is being performed at the same new interfaces that had been designed for law enforcement.
The US-Counterpart to ENFOPOL concerning the surveillance requirements of "law enforcement" agencies. These efforts to get the information society under total control are siamese twins born in the USA
The Global Internet Liberty Campaign is the world wide umbrella organization of civil and cyber liberty groups founded in 1996 to fight internet censorship and surveillance. quintessenz was one of the founding members.
Is a registered NGO based mainly in Vienna Austria. Our aim is the restoration of civil liberties in the information age.
A for many application very useful but sometimes much overestimated technology. Cryptography provides no protection against the latest methods in use to control us: datamining and user profiling. If Cryptography is combined with stupidity or Microsoft, it is not of much use at all.
Die Awards sind eine Negativ-Auszeichnung für Personen und Institutionen, die das persönliche Grundrecht auf den Schutz der Privatsphäre missachten oder die Überwachung und Kontrolle von Personen oder von Personengruppen fördern.
Aka GNU/Linux, BSD, Free Software and so on. q/machine runs on Debian, these lines were written on vi and posted via the KDE desktop - any more questions? To read more about the annual "linux wochen" all over Austria we help to organize, go inside.
ETSI - "lawful interception" standards
In the European Standards Institute the ENFOPOL surveillance plans have been transformed into technical standards. The ETSI Technical Committee TC LI and the 3GPP SA LI working group are populated by a wild mix of German, Dutch and British secret service personnel [MI5/NTAC, Bundesverfassungsschutz, Platform Interceptie, Decryptie en Signalanalyse] plus their equipment vendors from Nokia Siemens to Verisign, US/Israeli companies to Chinese Huawei. In addition: Telecom representatives from Vodafone to Deutsche Telekom, European telco regulation buraucrats and - not to forget - the FBI.
An aging world wide surveillance monster born in 1947 eating mainly analogue wireless communications a gogo. Everything this sometimes a bit over estimated moloch cannot obtain will be obtained by the upcoming European meta network of surveillance.
The EU police related part of the European Surveillance Union that is under construction. The publication of the infamous ENFOPOL 98 paper by quintessenz staff in Telepolis caused world wide repercussions. ENFOPOL is also known as the EU-FBI surveillance system" - see CALEA.


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25. Oktober 2023
Big Brother Awards Austria
q/Talk 1.Juli: The Danger of Software Users Don't Control
Dr.h.c. Richard Stallman live in Wien, dem Begründer der GPL und des Free-Software-Movements
bits4free 14.Juli 2011: OpenStreetMap Erfinder Steve Coast live in Wien
Wie OpenStreetMaps die Welt abbildet und was ein erfolgreiches Crowdsourcing Projekt ausmacht.