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If you are in possession of doquments befitting to be published at, please upload pdf, txt, html, doc and other files here. There is no immediate publishing, all doquments will be reviewed and if necessary coverted to other formats.

Caution pls: most Mozilla-Versions incl. Firefox do not permit the upload of doquments larger than 3-5 MB]

Insert a title if you wish, a short description, or a message to the q/editors.


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25. Oktober 2015
freier Eintritt
meet q/uintessenz every friday
Big Brother Awards Austria
Linuxwochen Österreich Tour
Stopp die Vorratsdatenspeicherung
Big Brother Awards Austria


bits4free 18. Jan. 2012: Ihre Meinung zählt
Liquid Democracy - direkte Demokratie durch Online-Partizipation?