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  June 2001  

Kimberly-Clark Corporation Joins Auto-ID Center


July to Mark Second ePC Alliance Meeting


Cambridge Lab and Unilever Building Benefits Case for Auto-ID Technology


Uniform & Textile Service Association Joins ePC Alliance


Auto-ID Center and Media Lab Formalize Partnership

Auto-ID Center Sponsors to Meet Next Month in Europe


Duncan McFarlane


Alan Thorne

  Steve Hodges

  Dr. Yoon S. Chang


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Auto-ID Center Sponsors to Meet Next Month in Europe

Due to the growing number of sponsors, the upcoming Vendor Committee and Board of Overseers meetings in Cambridge, UK will be spread over two days. The Vendors Committee meeting is scheduled for June 13 and the Board of Overseers meeting for June 14. Both meetings will take place at Bedford Lodge Hotel. A joint dinner is scheduled for the 13th at King's College.

For more information on the meeting please contact Tracy Skeete.