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  June 2001  

Kimberly-Clark Corporation Joins Auto-ID Center


July to Mark Second ePC Alliance Meeting


Cambridge Lab and Unilever Building Benefits Case for Auto-ID Technology


Uniform & Textile Service Association Joins ePC Alliance


Auto-ID Center and Media Lab Formalize Partnership

  Auto-ID Center Sponsors to Meet Next Month in Europe


Duncan McFarlane


Alan Thorne

  Steve Hodges

  Dr. Yoon S. Chang


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05/23/2001 - USA Today article - "Don't Cry for New Economy" by Larry Downes
The New Economy: born 1999, died 2000? Not true according to Downes. Real progress is being made. As with past boom-and-bust periods driven by technological innovation, we are merely pausing as the world catches up with new possibilities. The next wave of ventures, driven by computers small enough and cheap enough to be embedded not just in electronics but in everyday items, will be the building blocks for the New Industrial Revolution.


May 13/01 - Atlanta Journal-Constitution article "They'll do the laundry, buy the groceries and cook your food. Super Bar Codes" by Shelley Emling
Within the next several years, so- called smart tags will adorn almost every product, providing manufacturers and customers with a wide range of electronic information, everything from the product's exact location to instructions on how to recycle its packaging.

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