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  June 2001  

Kimberly-Clark Corporation Joins Auto-ID Center


July to Mark Second ePC Alliance Meeting


Cambridge Lab and Unilever Building Benefits Case for Auto-ID Technology


Uniform & Textile Service Association Joins ePC Alliance


Auto-ID Center and Media Lab Formalize Partnership

  Auto-ID Center Sponsors to Meet Next Month in Europe


Duncan McFarlane


Alan Thorne

Steve Hodges

  Dr. Yoon S. Chang


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Steve Hodges, Senior Industrial Fellow

Steve Hodges is a Senior Industrial Fellow at the Auto-ID Centre's Cambridge Lab. Hodges came to the Engineering Department as a Ph.D. student in 1992, having graduated in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering at University College, London.

In March 1997, Hodges moved to the Olivetti and Oracle Research Lab in Cambridge as a research engineer. His interests include low-cost robotics for industry, computer vision, embedded sensing in an office environment.

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